Meet Our Experts: Charlotte Burnap

Emotional Healing, Meditation and Yoga: When They All Combine In One Soul

When we reached out Charlotte for the first time, we immediately spotted something special and it took us just a couple of chats to confirm our first impression.

She shares the same values and mission of HappyChant and this is why thinking of teaming up and working together was so natural. Thanks to her enthusiasm and her empathetic soul, we will display our shared commitment to people’s mental, emotional and physical health by producing contents as a team.

Who’s Charlotte Burnap

Charlotte began her daily yoga practice in 2014 and then became fascinated with meditation in 2017. She deepened her practice through discipline: meditating every day, attending silent retreats, conducting a study for her final thesis on the psychology of meditation and working closely with her Japanese Zen Meditation teacher. Charlotte truly began to experience what a profound and positive difference meditation has made to her life, and so she then flew to Asia and lived in the Buddhist country of Thailand for 1 year to further deepen her practice.

The Asian Journey

After spending time with monks, living in a Buddhist culture and experimenting with many different modalities of healing, Charlotte then flew to India to receive her Traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher certification. Whilst living in Asia, Charlotte became passionate about how working with subtle energies can go on to greatly influence our mental health and improve our emotional state. She furthered her education in energetics through Reiki and Shamanic practices.

Her Work

Today, Charlotte embodies and teaches traditional Hatha yoga, energy work, and shamanic healing in the UK and online. As well as teaching Hatha Yoga (this includes yoga movement, breathwork, and meditation), Charlotte helps intuitive women heal their shadows and step into their light through the tools of yoga, energy work, and shamanic healing. This is a 1-2-1 four-month programme that Charlotte offers over zoom and is available to see on her website. Additionally, Charlotte offers Reiki healing and Shamanic healing.

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