What Is A Merit?

Have You Ever Heard Of Karma? You probably have heard about Karma, but never heard about Merits. Anyway, they’re related as Buddhist concepts. Karma is the mental intention that is then manifested as an action. This action can be of three types: it can be neutral, virtuous (kusala) and non virtuous (akusala). The virtuous Karma… Continue reading What Is A Merit?

A Scientific Look At Mantras

A Mantra is a combination of sacred sounds and sounds are actually part of our nature: as a fetus in our mom’s womb, we start being affected by sounds relatively early in pregnancy, similarly sound is the most primordial manifestation of energy in the cosmos.  Because sound originates from vibrations, when we chant a Mantra… Continue reading A Scientific Look At Mantras

How To Chant A Mantra?

Just Start And Go With The Flow The most precious thing about chanting is that it doesn’t really come with strict rules or complicated activities. Consistency is key, regardless of your chosen Mantra. Wake up a Mantra by practicing regularly over a period of time. No matter how you feel at the early stages: it… Continue reading How To Chant A Mantra?

Why Chanting A Mantra 108 Times?

According to the Buddhist tradition, we should chant every mantra at least 108 times to prepare our consciousness for the realisation of what that specific mantra symbolises and carries within itself. And there’s a reason for that which lays in the meaning of 108 as a number. Meaning of The Number 108 Number 108 is… Continue reading Why Chanting A Mantra 108 Times?

Benefits of Chanting

Meditation in all its forms and applications, has been practiced for thousands of years in several part of the world – and although originally it was meant to help deepen understanding of the sacred forces of life and of human spirituality, these days it has increasingly become part of a wider type of mental and… Continue reading Benefits of Chanting

What Is A Mantra?

A Mantra is a combination of sacred syllables forming together a set of words with a spiritual energy. These sounds or nucleus of words are repeated to help your mind to be transported from a state of activity to a state of stillness, silence, calm and focus. What Is Mantra’s Function? Mantra’s function is to… Continue reading What Is A Mantra?