What Is Sound Healing and Its Benefits

What is Sound Healing? Sound healing is a meditative practice, traditional and sacred in Tibet, that uses different musical implements to create healing vibrations around the body, such as singing bowls, quartz crystal bowls and gongs.  Because sound has the ability to heal our minds and bodies, this ancient form of regeneration has been used… Continue reading What Is Sound Healing and Its Benefits

Panic Attack VS Anxiety Attack – What’s the Difference?

The terms panic attack and anxiety attack are used interchangeably, but they are not really the same. There are some characteristics that can help us distinguish one from the other. Nowadays there are millions of people all over the world with anxiety or stress-related disorders. Their lives are immensely affected by these conditions, which is… Continue reading Panic Attack VS Anxiety Attack – What’s the Difference?

Essential Oils To Improve Meditation

Create A Mindful Aromatic Moment To Improve Your Meditation As life moves fast and it can be hard to keep up at times, our bodies and minds crave stillness. Most people are coping with higher anxiety levels because of the fast-paced lifestyle, the high-demanding careers and social pressures. As a ‘medicine’, we need to learn… Continue reading Essential Oils To Improve Meditation


Meet Our Experts: Charlotte Burnap

Emotional Healing, Meditation and Yoga: When They All Combine In One Soul When we reached out Charlotte for the first time, we immediately spotted something special and it took us just a couple of chats to confirm our first impression. She shares the same values and mission of HappyChant and this is why thinking of… Continue reading Meet Our Experts: Charlotte Burnap

Ritiro Meditativo a Bordo, Italia

di Alessandro De Vecchi Cosa significa fare un ritiro spirituale? L’abbiamo chiesto al nostro collaboratore Alessandro, di ritorno da un ritiro a Bordo in occasione del mese del Vesak Lavorare con le proprie afflizioni mentali: accettare, comprendere e trasformare ogni aspetto più oscuro del proprio presunto “io” (o per meglio dire, dell’illusione e dell’idea che… Continue reading Ritiro Meditativo a Bordo, Italia

Root Chakra Healing

What is a Chakra? As you might know, Chakras are, at their most basic definition, the major focal points through which energy flows up and down our body. In Sanskrit, the word “chakra” means “disk” or “wheel” and refers to these energy centres. Nerve bundles and major organs match with each chakra, which, to function,… Continue reading Root Chakra Healing

Meet Our Experts: Duncan Bailey

When we first came across his Facebook, Duncan showed his willingness to know more about HappyChant and its mission immediately. We could instantly notice how professional and helpful he is, and soon after our first meeting, we got along so well that we decided to start working together. Indeed, Duncan’s commitment to people’s mental, physical… Continue reading Meet Our Experts: Duncan Bailey

5 Minutes Guide for a Better Sleep

“Sleep is the best meditation” We have just recently started to recognise the importance of sleep for improving health and achieving an optimal quality of life. Because the Dalai Lama himself says that “Sleep is the best meditation”, it goes without saying that meditation and good sleep go hand in hand. Indeed, meditation can treat… Continue reading 5 Minutes Guide for a Better Sleep

Merit Multiplying Days

According to Buddhist tradition, there are four significant dates that commemorate the deeds of the Buddha every year. It is believed that these dates are astrologically powerful because they tribute Buddha’s qualities, so all actions done on these special days are magnified by multiple times. Normally, every merit gained during these special dates increases by… Continue reading Merit Multiplying Days